ОВОД: caustic and melodic hardcore punk

New release by Teenage Waste Records
Teenage Waste | 07/30/2019

Teenage Waste Records proudly presents debut EP album by ОВОД from Togliatty!

Initially the project started as attemt to play primitive old school hardcore, but it the release turned out to be very diverse with lots of musical tricks and influences. Of course! Under members belt there is a broad musical prospect and huge experience of playing in such bands like  Victims Of Terror и Branch, which well-known to everyone who dig into russian underground hardcore punk scene.

ОВОД (spells like OVOD) is a caustic mix of old school hardcore with serious metal influence and ideal balance between melody and agression. It was a huge work done on vocals to make them sound not monotonous and lyrics do not only have meaning, but lay down into complex rythm perfectly, which is big rarity for russian 'extreme' music.

For everyone who like physical releases you can order super limited edition salmon colored tapes on our storenvy page or just drop us a line to teenagewaste90@gmail.com.

For digital users album is available here: https://band.link/N8yaA

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