New release! Leech - "Chains" EP

Teenage Waste | 03/18/2015

We are happy to present our newest release! From the streets of Oklahoma City comes a concentrated blast of anger generated from conflicts with the inner and outer world. This EP is testament to the raw energy that Hardcore Punk unleashes on us and it demonstrates the music’s uncanny ability to remind us of how fucked up this world is. Here comes THE LEECH! In the 2014 ex-members of No Luck, Self-Minority, and Violent Affair formed LEECH and they became one of Oklahoma City’s premier punk acts. Their first EP contains five songs that are charged with enough energy to merit slam dancing in your shitty 3rd floor apartment. Every tape comes with free sticker and 5'' patch. 
There are two colors of cassettes available – you can choose which one you want. 

Listen to it here!

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