Monster Squad and Breakout will perform together in Moscow

Teenage Waste | 08/03/2018

Well-known to all street punk lovers Monster Squad from United States will give a show in Moscow. If you are into Punk Core records stuff, you're not the one who should be told why it's necessary to be there, but we will remind anyway.

- Monster Squad are not super-touring-for-years-band. Look at their tour schedule on facebook  it has only 12 dates (not too little, of course, but compare to bands, who tour all the time) and it is luck, that there is a show in Russia among them.

- Monster Squad became inactive* in 2011 and only now made a reunion. Nobody guarantees they will not make it again soon. They have released new album called Depression  which is sounds like previous but more raw, noisy and agressively.  As we can judge by available live videos, they play partially new material, but mostly old well-known songs.

Breakout from Paris are also unique thing, not because they invited something new, but because it's probably first european street punk band, made world tour. On the tour flyer there is an ironic sign "Should we call it a world tour", but in general it could be called so – 6 countries in Europe + Colombia, Mexico, huge amount of dates in United States and two shows in Russia. 

- Russian support it also could be not represented. Mutagen - old and well-known formation from Moscow, always experimenting with sound within hardcore punk. Criminal State - angry punks from Nizhny Novgorod, the enemies of all who never weared mohawk.

- In general, if exaggerating, this show is going to be the russian FYWROK festival.

Monster Squad brough up together in 1997 in Vacaville, CA.
First full-length came out in 2004 on Charged Records, label of Jake from The Casualties.
Second album was released 3 years later on Punk Core Records.

The show will happen in Moscow on 11-th of August in Punk Fiction bar.

*originally I wrote split up but guys from Monster Squad corrected me and told that they never broke up.

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