Scrap Monsters - "Scrap Monsters" | TW-01

CD, 12 трек(ов), 05/2011

Scrap Monsters play fast hardcore punk / street punk, inspired by so called 'mohawked' hardcore punk of late 90s/2000s like The HavocA Global ThreatCareer Soldiers or Wednesday Night Heroes with influence of UK82 and NWOBHM. Album contains 12 songs spitting hate into faces of government in place fans, cops,  religionists, haters of skaters, greedy careerists and brainless party animals. It also contains The Blood  cover.

  1. Welcome
  2. In the name of death
  3. Skaters Haters
  4. Religion is business
  5. I don't need such friends
  6. Violence on the screen
  7. Pint after pint
  8. Your new life
  9. Vicious circle
  10. Wasted time
  11. Dead inside
  12. Megalomania