Teenage Waste #2

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We have a lot of interesting in this issue, which is two times thicker than previous. Firstly, it's an outright interview with Vanya Sob, singer of Bobby's Boobs, russian ramonescore-pop-punk band, about He could change hardcore to three-chords fun, about women and intrigues inside the band. Secondly, it's the extensive conversation with the king of Kirov' DIY-scene Pasha Chikamoto, about building his musical empire called Sarcophagus, about his hatred to Dmitry Spirin (Tarakany! singer) and why all modern punks are a little bit hipsters.
Besides that, Marat Marker from Казнь(the Punishment) band will tell, how it feels to play punk rock, when Tatar separatists marching under your nose, punks from Violent Affair will explain if they are calling everyone to armed rebellion and dutch artist Sam Andrea will tell about his art and childhood spent in Catacombs.
There are also articles about how gothic punk rose from the grave, about Croatian freak Satan Pannonski, about legendary british band The Blood and lots more...